Gabriel Trottier


György Ligeti composed a horn trio, which horn player Gabriel Trottier, Jacobo Hernández Enríquez (violin) and Kathrin Isabelle Klein (piano) performed with palpable passion.

Felix Röttger
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Rarely have I heard such a horn player, we can only dream of the greatest summits for him.

Normand Babin
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The program featured works that were “comprovisées”, composed as well as improvised. Co-creation is one of Ensemble Tesse’s objectives, and it fulfills its mandate perfectly. The listening and dialogue between the musicians are remarkable. The works presented are above all studies in sonority, in which each musician pushes the sonic limits of his or her respective instrument. It is essential to underline the quality of each performer, both in their consistently excellent playing and in their ensemble playing.

Elena Mandolini
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The [..] trio formed by  Provencher-Leduc on flute, Layec on bass clarinet and Trottier on horn, began the evening [..] with a gentle improvised prelude. An organic tone, combining a variety of breath sounds and dabs on the instruments, recalled the presence of animals and wind in the bush.

Rosalie Chrétien
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